About picxclicx…

I’m Jill Levenhagen and this is where I display and share my photography.  My photos are free to download.  I only ask that you comply with my Terms.
I love to take photos that you can use in your online creativeness.  My goal is to give you “real-looking” stock that is not too glossed up and fake looking.  You will find that I try hard to mix in more “portrait-oriented” photos, and that is because you need those for Pinterest.  Many times you will find both a landscape and portrait version of the same subject.

About me…

I’m Jill.  I am a 40-something stay-at-home mom from Indiana.  I have a few blogs that I tinker with in my free time:
Flourish Photog…Free Resources for Pro Photographers
Real Home Cook – my food blog
Thanks for visiting!  I hope you found something useful!