Please, I urge you to read all of this.  More and more these days we are hearing of content creators being sued for usage of photos.  I want us all to avoid that and be very intentional in determining proper use of any stock photo we use for whatever purpose.

With that said, I will not be suing you.  But if you use my photos in the wrong way, OTHER PEOPLE can sue you.  Those reasons can be for photos of their personal property or their recognizable face.  I do not have model releases or property releases because I do not use my photos commercially if they involve personal property or faces.  So you also need to be sure you are not using these photos commercially.

What would be considered Commercial Use?

  • Any photo that is used in marketing or promotion of a product that results in or intends to result in profit.
  • Any photo that is used in the branding of your company, including photos that represent your brand on social media (such as cover photos).
  • Any photo actually used on a product for sale.

While much of my stock is benign and no property or model releases would even be necessary, I do include photos of games, maps, toys, people’s faces, privately-owned recognizable property.

Is there any of my stock that you can use Commercially?

Even if there are some that would not require releases, to protect us all, I am just not allowing commercial use of my photos.  You should always purchase properly licensed stock when you want to use it commercially.

What is considered Editorial Use?

When you use a photo to illustrate your written content, that is considered editorial use.  This can be newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.  Even though all these use advertising to make money, it is not considered the purpose of the content and therefore, is considered editorial use of the photo.



Attribution of my Stock:

You must attribute (link) to me in the ways outlined at the bottom of this page.  OR…

Option to not use Attribution:

You can purchase a lifetime non-attribution license for your websites for a one-time fee of $20.  This gives you permission to use any of my photos on your websites and social media accounts without attributing to me.  No monthly or annual fees.  Pay $20, that’s it.  The price for the license may increase in the future, but after you purchase a lifetime license, you will never be charged again.  You must register your websites when purchasing.  You may add websites that you own in the future to your account.  Purchase your non-attribution license here:

After you determine attribution, for all stock:

Here is what you can do:

  • You can use them editorially in your blog or website.
  • You can use them on social media to promote the blog article or website url where the photo is used.
  • You can add text to them.
  • You can use them to make memes and share them on social media (see social media attribution instructions below).
  • You can crop them.
  • You can re-edit them.
  • You can use one, or a collage of my images in any post (with link to my site) in which you are providing a list of free stock photo resources in the article.  Thank you.

Here is what you can’t do:

  • You cannot use them for print purposes.  Although I do and have considered specific requests.  Please contact me.
  • You can’t distribute them for free or paid to anyone.  Anything you create with them must be for your personal or editorial use, not for resale or a free product you offer.
  • You can’t offer the downloads of my images for free on any website, even with a link attribution.  Downloads can only be made from my website.
  • You can’t use them for commercial purposes.

Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions about a use not mentioned here!


Blog Posts

Copy the text below and paste it into the Caption when using the stock photo on your site.  Being html, it will render a hotlink to my site in your caption.

Free Stock Photos for Blogs at <a href=””>picxclicx</a>

It will look like this:
Free Stock Photos for Blogs at picxclicx

Free Stock Photos for Blogs at picxclicx

(OR) Copy this text and paste it at the bottom of your blog post:

Free Stock Photo courtesy of

These link examples use my homepage, but it is better for your SEO and mine if you replace the homepage link with the link of the actual photo you are using.  Optional.

Social Media

If your social media posts leads to a post that used the image (where the image is attributed), then you don’t need to link to me in social media.

But, if you use a photo of mine as a meme or not as part of a post, then you will need to use my logo overlay (unless you purchase the non-attribution license).  Overlay my logo on the photo in corner using this .png image (click to download):



There is a black version and a white version in the zip file.  You may lower the opacity of either to 50%.

Here is an example of the white version used at a 50% opacity:


I retain copyright of all of my images.

My Final Words:

PLEASE be aware of the rights-holders for all the photos you use online…the photographer, model (or recognizable face), property owner, trademark owner and copyright owners.  I don’t want to scare you, but I myself am always seeking to check myself on this because there are laws and we must follow them.

I am happy to provide my photos to you free and hope that you find many that are useful in your digital creations.  I always enjoy helping other people by sharing my own creativity!